The Crystalline Energy System

Crystalline Consciousness CoverWelcome to the New Age!  The Crystalline Energy System is an amazing evolutionary transformation that we are currently undergoing, both internally and within our larger world.  This transformation is taking place to help us in tremendous ways.

Here’s how we currently operate: our body has many systems that do many different things for us.  In order to be a “system”, there needs to be three working parts.  For instance, our digestive system has many parts and organs involved… mouth, esophagus, liver, stomach, pancreas, colon, intestines, etc.  These different parts work together to provide a service for us; in this case, processing and breaking down food energy for our body to use and excreting the remainder.

This system also processes and tells us information too… what happens when you eat food that is too spicy?  Your mouth is hot and/or burns, you get acid reflux, or your stomach may hurt, etc.  This is information that is processing, and this system is telling you, “The food you ate was too hot/spicy and we were not equipped to process it for you.”  When you go to eat this food again in the future, the same information will present itself, and you will either decide against eating it, or decide to eat it again and get the same information as the last time.

This kind of information is gathered and processed by all the systems in our body.  We burn our hand on a hot stove as a child, and the skin, nerves, and brain remember that information (registered as ‘pain’) and you know not to put your hand on a hot stove again.  We watch a scary movie as a child and forever hate clowns or the dark.  All of the information we receive is processed to provide physical, emotional and energetic memory.

The information we are processing now is so much more than it ever has been in the past, at any time in history.  20 years ago, if you wanted to find out how a friend was doing, you called them on the phone, sometime between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.  At one point, the only way to get information from one another was to write letters back and forth.  Today, I found out how more than 100 friends were doing (and what they were doing) before breakfast!  The amount of information we need to process on a daily basis is exponentially higher than it has ever been, and our old way of processing information is not able to keep up.

So what happens to YOU when you get stressed out?  For me, my sinuses clog up and I get a sinus infection.  Swelling, stuffiness, other gross things, lol…  my body is trying like hell to process my stress, and that is the first system that kicks in to help process it.  If that gets overloaded, I break out with acne on my face and body.  If that gets overloaded, my stomach starts to hurt.  On and on it goes, until all of a sudden I have a serious condition in a random place and can’t figure out why.  It’s like we were all given a computer (our body) when we were born, that had all these pretty applications and processes on/in it.  Fast forward to the present, and we are still trying to use that same computer to process all the new information that exists in our world currently.  We need new applications!  This is where our Crystalline Energy System comes in.

One of the primary ways our Crystalline Energy System is going to help us is that it is going to become our primary information processing system in our body.  We will be able to use our Crystalline Energy System to process all of our primary information instead of over-stressing our current systems.  No more error messages on our proverbial screens!

Keep checking back for more information on the Crystalline Energy System.  I will be talking about other benefits of having a C.E.S. and specific attributes and ways to use it!


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