Crystalline Group Energy Fields

By now, you’ve probably read a bit of information on Individual Crystalline Energy Fields (if not, click here).
This post will help you understand how Crystalline GROUP Energy Fields work.
Let’s say you’re in a meeting… as many of us typically do!  Whether it be at your job, or in your children’s school, with your financial planner, with your doctor, a therapist, a long term care provider for your parents… we all experience meetings at some level or another.  For some of us, meetings are a part of every day life.  For others, you maybe only have a meeting every so often.  No matter who you are though, by the time you’re a small child, you’ve probably been in your fair share of meetings.
So, what happens when meetings are chaotic?… all over the place?… unproductive?
I remember a meeting I was attending once… it was a Home Owners Association meeting.  There was a relatively new board, a new president, and they were in over their heads.  The last HOA board had not done several things that they needed to do before they stepped down, they had neglected to do other things, some for years on end… the meeting was strenuous, tiresome, and heated at times.

This particular “group”, the Home Owners Association group (members and board), was in crisis.  No one knew which end was up.  I hate when things are in crisis around me… it makes me feel like I have no control… I feel the animosity and unrest from everybody.  I feel it in myself.  It causes me to fall out of my usual grounded centered place.  I don’t feel calm.  I don’t feel caring or loving.  And neither does anybody else.
What to do… what to do…….
For me, I silently set up a ‘Crystalline Group Energy Field’, right there in the meeting.  I learned how to set up a Crystalline Group Energy Field in 2010, and it has served me MANY times since then!  I followed the protocol that I learned (and now teach), and slowly over the next 5 minutes, I watched the mood of the HOA group change.  I watched as people started taking deeper breaths between sentences.  I wanted the furrowed brows start to soften.  I listened as the languaging became gentler; more inclusive and supportive.  I felt a sense of calmness in the air.  The new president relaxed in his seat a little bit, not on the edge like he had been.  Within another 10 minutes, there were smiles on the faces of most of the people there.  What had been cause for bickering or fighting half-an-hour ago was now resolved.  The agenda was quickly covered, and additional items were discussed and figured out with more grace and ease.  By the time the meeting was done (it ended only 3 minutes after it was scheduled to end), more had been accomplished than the previous 6 months!  People left feeling hopeful, energetic, optimistic.

2016-10-08 Crystalline Groups

THAT is the result of a Crystalline Group Energy Field.  It does the same thing that an individual Crystalline Energy Field does, except it does it for a group of people instead.  It reflects back to the group what the group inherently and ultimately wants at a core level.  For this particular group, it wanted resolve.  It wanted to be heard; to be seen.  It wanted answers.  It wanted to know it was a healthy group.  It wanted Leadership.  It wanted nurturing.  The only problem was that everybody was trying to get it in their own, in-cohesive way.  It didn’t have the direction, only a bunch of people desperately trying to get their own needs met, forsaking the group.

I have watched Crystalline Group Energy Fields work MAGIC in different groups and situations that I find myself in.  It helps to enhance the the purpose and goals of the group so that the purpose can be realized and so that the goals can be reached.  It helps groups tap in to their common bonds; their collective wisdom; their highest potential.
To learn how to set up your own Crystalline Group Energy Fields, look for the next CCT Level 1 class available.

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